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Kristens Koncepts

Kristen's Koncepts

CBAI Member Rates

CBAI is the Community Bankers Association of Illinois. Kristen has a standing agreement with CBAI that all of their Member Banks will receive 10% off the regular price of all of Kristen’s services listed on this page. If you are a CBAI Member Bank and want to receive this discounted price, contact and let her know! She will verify your membership with CBAI and upon confirmation, you will qualify for this discount!

Website Services

Whether you need slight updates, maintenance, new graphics, a site overhaul, or a brand-new web presence, I am here to help! My website services are a package, so you don’t have to worry about the standard hourly rate!

I design and develop sites according to each client’s needs so, to be fair to you, I can’t list a standard fit-all cost estimate or timeline online. I can provide you with a fully detailed proposal when I get the details down for exactly what you need.

Email me to start the conversation!

Website Maintenance & Updates

Maintenance and updates consist of up to 10 small tasks of 30 minutes or less per month. This is a retainer-fee contract service and requires an approved contract with the first payment cleared before work begins. I typically charge as follows

  1. Monthly: $85 (Regularly $100)
  2. Quarterly: $210 (Regularly $255)
  3. Annually: $900 (Regularly $1020)

If you need help with your website maintenance and/or updates, go ahead and send me an email at to get the conversation started on how I can help you!

Contractual Per-Hour Rate

$59 per hour, as per contract. (Regularly $65)

My contractual per-hour rate only applies to the bundled rate in active contracts. I discount this rate because of the bundled nature of my contract offerings. Other per-hour rates are as stated below.


Hourly Rate, during business hours: $68 (Regularly $75)

Hourly Rate, after-hours and weekend: $99 (Regularly $110)

The STOP BREAK rate is the hourly rate to fix or repair a broken website, including time required for communications with the client or businesses that the client has contracted for service integral to the work to be done. The STOP BREAK rate reflects the importance of the task, that the programmer must cease working on other projects that may be time-sensitive to undertake the repair or fix of  your site. After-hours work must require a higher price, as the programmer must put aside their family time, sleep time, or non-work activities to facilitate the repair or fix of your site.

This is billed directly to the client in 30-minute intervals.

Graphic Design Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate, during business hours: $63 (Regularly $70)

This rate is reserved for separate graphic design services. This could include logo creation, print or online media creation, photo manipulation, or other services that require additional graphic design time.

This is billed directly to the client in 30-minute intervals.

Development/Programming Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate, during business hours: $63 (Regularly $70)

This rate is reserved for separate development or programming services that are not covered in other areas.

This is billed directly to the client in 30-minute intervals.

Social Media Hourly Rate

Hourly Rate, during business hours: $32 (Regularly $35)

This rate covers per-hour work on all social media platforms and includes general graphic considerations, other than fully customized graphics. Fully customized graphics, including banners, headers, promotional graphics, and other fully customized graphics would incur the Graphic Design hourly rate. Basic graphic services that are included are manipulation of graphics provided by you to ensure they are optimized for social media.  Analytics for engagement and audience are always checked to help you to optimized your social media presence for your audience. This rate also includes post scheduling for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using credentials provided by you, or permissions granted by you on the necessary platform(s), user interaction, setting up of available platform automations and expansions. Post wordings can be created, but will result in more time utilized. Posts that are provided by the client can be spell and grammar checked if desired. 

Social Media Packages are available, and are highly customized to fit each individual client. Please contact us to begin discussing your individual needs emailing

This is billed directly to the client in 30-minute intervals.